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Real Estate on Phuket for rent and for sale

  phuket villa for rent

Real Estate for Rent on Phuket Island

   Want to rent a villa with a pool on Phuket Island at hotel room prices? It's totally possible. Use the search function. Renting real estate on Phuket Island is both accessible and easy to organize. By choosing a villa or house on Phuket Island, you're sure to have the vacation of your dreams.

   You can rent your own space on the island and enjoy private comfort with family or friends. You won't be stuck with strict hotel schedules and rules and appreciate all the charm of living in the tropics. You'll simply rest the way you want to.

  phuket villa for sale

Real Estate for Sale on Phuket Island

   Buying real estate on Phuket Island, in addition to being a pleasant and enjoyable vacation, is also a very profitable investment.

   This is because Thailand's economy is stable, even during a global crisis. Not only does the price of land and real estate on Phuket Island resist going down, but it actually continues to rise.


Your Business on Phuket Island

   We offer you various already functional business projects on Phuket Island. You'll have the opportunity to invest in your own future. Cafés and bars, restaurants and guests houses – choose the business you like the most.

   As we've done in the past, we can find you a real estate investment lot and project. We can also rent it for you while you're away, if you wish.


Why Thailand? Why Phuket?

   Thailand is one of the most popular winter vacation destinations. This is because currently, there are no other locations which are more accessible or warmer, in every sense of the word. More and more people choose Thailand as a wintering ground.

A comfortable climate exists here, low lodging and food prices, simplified visa procedures, and of course a warm discreet welcome from the locals.

Hundreds of thousands visit this country annually. Many become addicted to the "tropical drug" and forget about European resorts for years.

   After an initial visit to this country, it will no longer seem distant and inaccessible. Many tourists referred by travel agencies will ask: "Why couldn't I organize this myself?". It's sad to see the afflicted faces of tourists lodged in tiny hotel rooms and overcrowded districts, while they could have rented a spacious house with a pool for the same amount of money, near a secluded beach. We offer lodging which will probably not be offered by a travel agency.

   We offer: Thai-owned houses and villas for rent on Phuket Island. Some of them are up for sale. Most tourists who have been to Thailand at least once come back, but on their own. They buy tickets themselves and select lodging to their taste. Here, we don't force anything on you. You'll have the option to choose everything on your own, beginning with where you'll live and excursions, up to where you'll eat and nightlife. You'll have the chance to take a break from the "all-inclusive" leash – organize your time and money as you see fit.

Welcome to Thailand! Welcome to Phuket!

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Rawai pool villa

house on Phuket

- 2 bedrooms;
- own swimming pool;
- price 7,5 mln baht

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House at Rawai

house on Phuket

- 2 bedrooms;
- 400 sq m plot;
- price 3,5 mln baht

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